Extended Order

I have jumbled ideas in my head. I hope I am able to resolve them at the end of this essay. I will state my conclusion at the outset, so that you can follow my argument from beginning to end. In case you are lost along the way, you can revisit this paragraph. My conclusion […]

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Trust the Process

I am using a phrase I don’t particularly like as title. It makes me sound like a motivational speaker, and I don’t like motivational speaking. I believe in being interesting so that people see you as an archetype to emulate, rather than voice empty slogans. But this slogan isn’t empty. It’s common sense. If you […]

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The Last Commandment

A story is told of a Buddhist monk who wouldn’t drift from his meditation. The Mephistophelean figure who was disturbing him tried every trick in the book. He threatened him with terrible death and tried to cajole him by promising him riches but this monk wouldn’t move an inch. The devil then had a clever […]

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I read a detective novel by Jeffery Archer, I think. It was one of the books in the Lincoln Rhyme series. The hero, and quadriplegic detective, Lincoln Rhyme succeeded in making out the villain, a world class assassin. Then a curious thing happens. Lincoln Rhyme asks for an interview with the criminal. In the interview […]