Usually when I write I have a plan. I have none today. I am going to talk about my favourite musician. I want the whole thing to come straight from my heart. As I am writing, or typing, I am listening to the track Femi Mo from her album Lucid. In the song, she speaks English and another language which I suspect is Yoruba. This morning I have left this song on repeat. I have been playing it for hours. I just took it off repeat. Anyway, I really love Asa’s songs. I don’t have all those fancy adjectives that make talking about music interesting. So I am just going to use good old love.

The first Asa song I probably heard was Jailer. I wasn’t really crazy about it. I think it’s her most popular song. I usually skip that particular one when I am listening to her tracks. I got my taste for Asa from listening to her Beautiful Imperfection album on my cousin’s i-phone. I thought, damn! This is an experience! I have about forty of her songs now from her albums- Asa, Beautiful Imperfection, Bed of Stone, Live in Paris ( I am not sure if that’s the name of the album, and most recently, the amazing, Lucid.

Asa is something else. I feel her music. I don’t know. It’s like the song passes through my body in some deep way. Sometimes I even have goose bumps. She writes such quality songs. Her lyrics flow like a poem. The things she talks about are things I can relate with. She’s been a source of strength for me when I have felt down. There’s this track, The Place to Be, I think that’s the title. You should check out the words. Such a beautiful song. I especially listen to that one when I am feeling depressed. I lost it. I redownloaded it a few days ago.

I love her songs even when I don’t understand the language she is speaking. Like her song Eye Adaba. She is speaking Yoruba which I don’t understand. But the song is so beautiful, I love it. I asked a few Nigerians to tell me what it means. It has something to do with a flying eagle. When they were explaining it to me, I thought the concept was really cool.

Now let’s talk about her voice. Perhaps it’s the most natural I have ever heard, if there is anything like a natural voice. In one of her interviews I saw, if I remember correctly, she said she sticks to her kind of voice because it’s difficult for her to hit high notes. Asa doesn’t scream. Her voice is always relaxed. It’s as if she is saying, I don’t care what you think; this is me. There’s nothing forced about the way she sings. I am always on a lookout for her stuff. It appears she doesn’t have a strong social media presence. I searched for her on Facebook but didn’t find her. I will check again. On Twitter too.

I really love Asa! I hope I will be able to listen to her live one day.

Thank you for reading.

P.S: I found Asa’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s @asaofficial.

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