The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO

The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO was written by Robin Sharma. What Robin Sharma does is that he uses fiction to instill timeless principles into you. He creates these simple acronyms that make it easy for the principles to also sink into you. His fiction is down to earth. I mean, anyone at all can read it and understand. You see that he is trying to make a point rather than trying to impress.

The book is about a guy by name Jack. He is involved in a terrible accident and admitted at the hospital. A few days into his hospitalization, another patient is moved into his room. This patient appears to have come there with a goal in mind; to introduce Jack to a new way of living. What the patient does is to introduce Jack to the way of living. He tells Jack three other people will answer three questions that will put Jack’s life on the right path.

The first question: Did I live wisely?

The second question: Did I love well?

The third question: Did I serve well?

After the man introduces a whole new world to Jack, he dies the next day. Jack later learns that the stranger in his room was his father whom circumstances had not allowed them meet until now. Jack is discharged from the hospital and goes on a journey to find the teachers who his dad had arranged to introduce him to this new way of living.

In the book, the Saint, a Catholic priest, answers the first question. He explains to Jack the importance of sticking to one’s values. It is by living by values that we can build trust. Sticking to one’s values is also vital for any long-term relationship. We also increase the respect we have for ourselves if we live honorably. We should learn to be kind, and live everyday like it is our last.

The Surfer answers the next question, did I love well? The surfer emphasizes the importance of living with your heart. I mean, your emotions and intuitions are important so listen to them. He talks about why it is cool to form deep relationships with others. He also discusses the need to keep one’s body fit. It is not worthwhile to have all the material things in the world and be unhealthy. How do enjoy that one?

The last question is answered by the CEO. It is about service. You see, people pay you when you do something for them. So it appears to be that acquiring material wealth is ideally about serving others, and if your service is worthwhile, people pay you for it. Therefore, money may be a way to check the value you are creating for others. Because in the long run you can only capture value in the form of money by creating value for others. The book reminds us that money is not an end in itself. It is a tool for creating greater value in the world. There are some people who are so poor that all they have is money. Never forget this!

God be with you till we meet again!



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