3 Simple Steps to Find Your Purpose in Life

I am doing something today that requires audacity. I am telling you how you can find your purpose in life. So allow me to take a deep breath. Oops! Now let’s do this. I am not writing this because I feel I am completely certain about what I think I am on earth to do, although I think I have a fair idea of what I want to do before I live you folks on earth. Personally, finding my purpose is a constant work in progress.

With all the nihilism in our world today, I thought it important to write this post. I believe life has a purpose. I think this is true because it makes a lot of sense to me, not because it is a fact. I mean, it is my truth. It may be subjective, but what I believe none the less. I feel each and every human being came into this world to solve a problem. Sometimes the problem to solve may be to ask questions. My point is, we are all here to contribute to humanity. We are all unique, and have unique problems to solve. There is a reason why there is only one of you. Think about it. What makes you think you were not born awesome?

Back to the nihilism I was talking about. Nihilism is the idea that life is meaningless. My aim is not refute this claim, because I feel it is not a useful debate. Rather, I think each and every one of us has a responsibility to create meaning. So it would logically follow that you should create your purpose in life. Because honestly, no one can do that work better than you.

The ideas I will be sharing with you are not really my ideas. They are ideas I have read about over time that they have become ingrained in my mind. It will be difficult for me to pin point the exact sources of the ideas. But one book I read that did justice to finding one’s life purpose is The One Thing by Gary Keller. You can check it out if you want to know more about this subject.

I have wasted your time somewhat. Let’s get into how I think one can find his purpose in life.

  1. The Ultimate Question: The question is, “What would you wish you had done if you were on your death bed?” You see, the thought of death and thinking about our mortality puts things into perspective. When you think about your last day, your whole life comes before you like a long thread. Did you do all you could have done? Did you try your best? Do you regret your inactions and actions? Contemplating death reminds us of the roads we did not travel. We are reminded of these roads because we know we have potential to do more. So maybe, just maybe, our purpose in life may be to accomplish those things that are so important to us that we think about them when we think about our last days. I do not think it is good enough to do this exercise quickly and move on with your life. You should write it on a piece of paper, and possibly keep it somewhere you can see daily. When I think about my death, I think about how I was able to make people remember the god in them. So that’s my purpose in life, to remind you that you are great!
  2. Set long-term goals: After finding out your purpose you need to put strategies in place to achieve them. Your purpose is not different from your long-term goals because it’s by achieving those goals that you will be able to actualize your purpose. But hey, be patient with yourself. Things happen overtime. You may not see results instantly when you start working on your long-term goals, but keep doing what you do. Be positive about life. Not the kind of positivity where you laugh out loud even when you feel like sh*t. Have faith that no matter how dire things become as you implement the strategies for achieving your goals, things will work out fine eventually.

I would advise that you do not set too many goals. Set a few of them. Then go into beast mode to implement them. As the tagline for my blog says, nothing trumps doing. If you set amazing goals and you don’t execute them, it would be better if you hadn’t set any, because at least you wasted time in setting the goals.

After setting your long-term goals, set medium term and short term goals based on your long-term goals. These goals can be monthly, weekly or daily. Also spend some time to evaluate your goals. Robin Sharma’s book, The Leader without a Title, thought me one thing I consider very dope. It said that it’s good to wake up early to reflect and plan for the day. The times I did that, I felt my day go and smoothly; I also felt accomplished at the end of the day.

The whole idea of setting long-term goals lies in the belief that it is in doing that you can find your purpose in life. An idea just hit me as I wrote the previous line. Isn’t it possible to find your purpose in life by trying out a lot of things? Then one day you hit on something that takes your breath away. So you can find your purpose in setting goals and putting them into action.

  1. Be self-aware: Another way you can find your purpose in life is to be self-aware. Man, know thyself! See, try to know who you are. This thing takes time, but it is important that you spend some time alone with yourself to reflect. I mean, sometimes get out of the hustle of each day and try to have an objective look at your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you naturally gravitate towards. Try to see if you can be proud of doing it, and maybe you might find your purpose in it. I think it’s very important to know yourself. Maybe I am repeating myself too many times. But hey, don’t live someone else’s life. We have just one life; at least most of us don’t remember living other lives. Be responsible for your life and own your mistakes. In that way, you don’t regret. Because in the end, what most of us regret are not the things we did, but those things we didn’t do.

In all things, don’t forget to enjoy life and live in the moment.

So I think we can find our purpose in life by asking ourselves what we would have wanted to accomplish if we were on our death bed, setting long term goals and by being self-aware.

God be with you till we meet again!



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