5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to be More Productive

We all need a social media strategy. If you have a business, you need. You also need it as an individual. I have just come to know these ideas, and I am yet to implement them full scale. However, the sound exciting and supercool- that is why I want to share them with you. I will not go directly into social media strategy. If you are interested in social media strategy you can read Thank You Economy and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, both by Gary Vaynerchuk (Hey I have the pdfs for the books, if you want them for free I can show you how I got mine. Just send me a message!) Rather, I will be looking at how to use social media to increase productivity. I believe that social media is a resource with great potential. But like every resource, it being good or bad depends on how we use it. So today, I will be sharing a few methods I have found that can increase our productivity as we use the social channels available to us.

  1. Create value: If we have this idea in mind, then our problem is solved. If we add its counterpart receive value, we have found the single most important method to increase our productivity on social media. Whether you have a business, blog or just a personal account, making sure that you create and receive value automatically makes you productive. For a business to create value means going beyond sending spammy posts telling customers to buy. It means trying to find avenues to address the needs of customers. Besides, the world comes to you when you actually solve problems. For a blog, it would mean discussing topics that solve a problem your readers have. As an individual, it would mean making people rethink after viewing your posts.
  2. Receive value: How does one receive value on social media? I do this by asking questions. I mean, if I need to find a place where I can get an ebook for free, I post it on social media, cross my arms and wait for answers. And I am almost never disappointed. Aside asking questions, social media can be used for networking. Let me admit, I don’t use it for networking often, but preparing for this post I found this, and it makes sense to me. I almost for this: some time ago, I wanted to write for a website to sharpen my writing skills, so I saw this website that I was interested in and I reached out to the owner. Then I started writing for them, without pay. It was that simple. So you can use social media to reach out to role models and mentors; that way you will be forming strategic relationships. A simple advice though, do not look at what they can do for you, rather focus on what you can do for them. Don’t forget the value creation we just mentioned. Good networking sites include Twitter and LinkedIn. But I believe there can be other ways of receiving value through social media that I am not aware of. Kindly share them with me in the comments section. Thanks bunch!
  3. Test your ideas: Social media provides a platform where you can test your ideas on a low scale. Let’s assume you want to sell a product, say shoes. Instead of rushing into building a website for the shoes, which will consume a lot of your money and time, you can start by posting pictures of your shoes on Facebook and Instagram. If you realize that there is demand for your products, then you can go ahead with launching the site. You don’t want to waste money and have a site which brings you no sales.
  4. Have discussions around important subjects: I am high on being productive because for the past few days I have reading stuff around how short life is. And I really think life is very short. Therefore each and every day we must do things that takes us closer to accomplishing our goals. With this reasoning, our conversations should be targeted. We shouldn’t just talk because we feel like talking. We should talk with a goal in mind. When I was with the website I use to write for we would schedule Twitter conversations around some interesting topics. That showed me other ways Twitter could be used to discuss ideas. I am still learning how to use Twitter though.
  5. Keep in touch with far away friends: For me, I like to see close friends. I hardly text. If I know you are pretty close, I will either call you over the phone or will ask to see you in person. I have this belief that to form deep relationship, you have to listen to people and look into their eyes. I may be wrong but this is what I honestly think. So social media is reserved for friends who are very far away. Besides, it’s cheaper that way.


We come to the end of today’s post. I have said that social media can be used to increase productivity by creating value, receiving value, testing ideas, having discussions about important subjects and keeping in touch with far way friends.

God be with you till we meet again!


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